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What is SHIFT Magazine?

We at Cathedral of Hope believe that we are each on a spiritual journey, and that each phase of our ongoing journey SHIFTS us into much closer and deeper relationship with God and with our faith. The SHIFT Magazine, published quarterly in March, June, September and December. is an overview of the many programs and activities that we hope will allow you to find deeper engagement in your own spiritual life. 

Spiritual Locations

Throughout this SHIFT magazine, we invite you to reflect on where you are on your spiritual journey through the lens of Spiritual Locations which are represented by Spiritual Location symbols next to each event and activity. At the beginning of the SHIFT magazine, you will find information about how you might find your Searching, Changing, Connecting, Listening, Serving or Preparing Spiritual Location. These categories are not meant to be determinative, but are meant rather to guide you to activities that might reach you where you are right now on your spiritual journey. Of course, we all change and grow, so we invite you to explore options beyond your Spiritual Location to discover more of the many meaningful ways God is moving in your life.


Searching: I’m not sure where I am or what I believe. I am questioning my faith.

If you find yourself in the Searching Spiritual Location, you are likely questioning one or all—the church, your role in it, Christianity and/or God.

Maybe you are distancing yourself from past faith experiences that no longer resonate, or dealing with experiences which have shaken or undermined your values and beliefs. The Searching Spiritual Location is about creating space for Spirit by letting go of the no longer useful, allowing and encouraging yourself to question former assumptions, beliefs or traditions and claim what does and doesn’t fit with who you are and what you believe at this point in your life.


Changing: I’m experiencing transformation in my faith life — letting go of hanging on.

The Changing spiritual location is about movement — in new directions, new ways, with new attitudes and new beliefs. That may manifest as being willing to know God differently, or experiencing a different kind of relationship with God. The Changing Spiritual Location might mean that there is a specific part of your life that you believe needs to change and you are ready to take the next steps. It could be time for you to release old wounds, allow healing over bitterness and move closer and get personal with the Holy.


Connecting: I’m finding my faith in community. I’m exploring my spirituality with others.

The Connecting Spiritual Location is about deepening your God-relationship with and through other people. You may be eager to build connections with others and practice your faith while in community, Whether it's a small group that “prays and plays” together or as part of a larger community of believers, finding your place with others is your motivation.


Listening: I’m quieting my life to hear God’s voice. I’m in a place of spiritual attentiveness.

If you find yourself in the Listening Spiritual Location, you may be restless for more intimacy with God and more authenticity within yourself. Listening is accepting the invitation to be quiet and attentive so that you notice the presence of God in all things. You hear the “still, small voice” within, be it through creativity or contemplation, daily activities or ancient disciplines. You are inviting Spirit to speak in your life, and you are committing to being present.


Serving: I feel the need to give of myself. I’m living my faith in caring for others as needed.

The Serving Spiritual Location is literally becoming God’s hands, feet, and voice through ministry, advocacy, and service. You may be inspired by gratitude, compassion or simply by putting others first. In any case, you want to get to work ASAP to help transform this world!


Preparing: I’m deepening my faith journey. I’m in a place of responsiveness to God’s call in my life.

The Preparing Spiritual Location is about acknowledging your readiness to live out God’s call by preparing yourself for ministry, meaningful discipleship, or servant leadership. You're ready to begin training for a new level of leadership!


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