hope at home

Activities and lessons for your family you can download and teach at home.  Each lesson includes a video and downloadable PDFs you can print and use for the activities.  They make great coloring sheets, too!

Produced, Written, and Directed by Dan Peeler and Charlie Rose. 

Lesson Nine

Ascension Sunday

Charlie and Maxi have some questions about the Story of the Ascension. They seek the advice of Professor Oldman and meet his very unusual friend, Jul. We also learn more about the Creation from Daffi-Dil, then we visit the next-door chickens, and finally watch one of our families make strawberry jam and a rag rug.

Lesson Eight

Gifts of the Spirit

We meet Harold Hare, a kind and generous rabbit who helps us to learn about the coming of the Holy Spirit. Maxi Mouse and Charlie sort through some crafts, we pay a visit to the Montgomery family for a drive-by graduation and the neighbor chicks get familiar with their new home.

Lesson Seven

I Am The Way

A Fennec named Truman helps us understand the truth in a story Jesus told his disciples about our actions defining who we are. Daffy Dill has an exciting announcement about the Easter Lilies and two of our families share fossil hunting and chicken farming adventures.

Lesson Six

Reflecting the Light

In this episode, the children will learn more about why Jesus used symbols, such as the Shepherd and the Gate when he talked about who he was. Workshop marionettes of the Sun and the Moon tell us about reflecting Jesus’ Light, and the growing baby chicks next door get a brand new home.

Lesson Five

Thomas the Twin

In the puppet workshop, the children will learn how handkerchief puppets are made as the Bandana Twins help us tell the story of the Disciple Thomas. We will also be checking on the growth of our Easter lily buds and visit the three week old baby chicks next door.

Lesson Four

Huldah the Prophet

This week the children learn about the love of books and a very important Prophet named Huldah who could understand which books belonged in the Bible. We’ll also checking on the growth progress of our baby chicks and discover some Easter lily buds outside.  

Lesson Three


In this week’s Hope at Home visit, the children will meet the Bunny Sisters and learn the story of Easter.  Also Maxie Mouse provides Charlie with a cool sack puppet and two coloring sheets.  

Lesson Two

Holy Week

In this week’s Hope at Home visit, the children will meet Ozzie, Dan’s 43 year-old cockatoo companion and learn about loving people for who they are. We’ll also meet Daffy Dill, a talking flower, and explore the meaning of waving leaves on Palm Sunday. Finally, we’ll discover what Ozzie’s story can teach us about Jesus’ challenges during Holy Week.

Lesson One

Psalm 23 Shepherd & the Lamb

In the first remote visit to the Puppet Workshop of Dan Peeler, our Minister for Children and Graphics coordinator, Charlie Rose, our Kids of Hope meet Maxie Mouse who has some surprises for them in al old storage box. Everyone learns about the shepherd in Psalm 23 and how remembering the story can give the whole family joy while washing their hands. Charlie and Maxie share some news about fun downloadable lessons and crafts.