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Board of Stewards Standing Committees

A formal committee structure is laid out in the CoH Bylaws; a structure which is designed to foster communication and diversity in participation. There are currently seven standing committees:  Bylaws, Building and Grounds, Development, Finance, Membership, Personnel and Strategic Planning.

Standing Committee members are appointed by and accountable to the Board of Stewards. All voting members of a Standing Committee shall be active members of the Church who demonstrate a willingness to serve in an advisory role to the Board of Stewards and work cooperatively with the Board and the Standing Committee in support of decisions made.

Please read the Standing Committee Descriptions and Policy revised May 27, 2017 if you have an interest in serving on a committee, and if you qualify, print out and complete the Committee Interest Form.

For processing, email the completed form to Anita Haddy, Director of Ministry & Volunteer Development, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop off the completed form at the church office to the attendion of Anita. 

Committee Members

Building and Grounds
This Committee meets on the first Monday of the month or as needed.

Jason Knott (Chair), Gill Brown (vice-chair), Jonn Thurman(clerk/secretary), Louis Dill, John Fallon, Greg Holcombe, Larry Singleton, Mike Paulus, Noel Pullam, Jayson C. Roberts, Denise Sorrell, Todd Wright, John Rieger (board liaison), Lynn Taylor (Staff Liaison)

This committee meets on the second Thursday of the month.

Robert Suliman (chair), John P. Gillis (vice-chair), Vicki Saulnier, Martha Tidwell, Angela Johnson-Wilson, Sherry Hilliard (clergy consultant), Jon Nelson (board liaison), Rev. Dr. Neil G. Cazares-Thomas (staff Liaison).

This committee meets on the second Thursday of the month.

Jon Mlinar (chair), Donna Jackson (vice-chair), Cline Taplin (clerk/secretary), Katrina Wollenberg , Phil Martin, Gary Akkermann (Consultant),  Alex Deets (Consultant), Roger Poindexter (board liaison), Patricia Bjorling (staff Liaison)

This committee meets on the second Thursday of the month.

Ferrell Drum (chair), Dale Broederdorf (vice-Chair), Mike McCue (clerk/secretary), Coy James, Brian Lebow, Marie Kelly (consultant), James Deets (board liaison), Scott Cannon (staff liaison)

This committee meets on the first Monday of the month.

Morgan Borer (chair), Elizabeth Hernandez, Roy Joplin, Tim Henry, Stacia Sims (board liaison), Anita Haddy (staff liaison)

This committee meets on the first Monday of each month.

Jane "JW" Wylie (chair), Jim LeCroy (vice-chair), Carol Morgan (secretary/clerk), Brent Barns, Randy Pauer, Pam Weekly, Tim Wiersma, Mary Hershiser (board liaison), rev. Dr. Neil G. Cazares-Thomas (Staff Liaison)


Strategic Planning

Bob Shimmin (chair), Roscoe Compton (vice-chair), Dennis Bolin, Rich Dudley, Leslie Frye, John Perez, Rita Rolf, Felicia Sanders, Gabby Venegas, Winner Laws (consultant), Bob Shea (board liaison), Rev. Dr. Michael Diaz (staff liaison)

Revised 01/09/2018

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