Generosity in Action

Generosity in Action

Support Your Church by Making a Pledge

Cathedral members and congregants are asked to make a pledge, a financial commitment, to sustain our mission and ministry in the coming calendar year of 2022. By making a pledge, you help your church to budget responsibly as we strive to be efficient and innovative in our ministry programming for the coming year.

Ask God for guidance as you pray and reflect on the annual amount God is calling you to give. After prayer and reflection, use the proportional giving chart below to help you determine your giving pledge. Your pledge has a real impact on the life and programs of our church. 

What Your Financial Commitment Supports

Worship and Music

Music Ministry

Your annual financial commitment provides vibrant in-person and online worship experiences, ensuring excellence and authenticity in our worship arts programs. Whether it be full choir and orchestra or praise band and singers, your gifts allow us to create a space where all people can celebrate the power of God’s inclusive love.

Discipleship and Spiritual Formation

small groups

As disciples of Jesus, we believe in the power of community to learn and grow in our faith. Your gifts allow us to offer a wide variety of activities, small groups, progressive curriculum, and service opportunities that promote personal and spiritual growth. As we develop deeper relationships with one another, we develop a deeper relationship with God.

Children and Youth

children's ministry

Supported by your gifts, our Next Generation ministries for children and youth provide a safe place and creative activities where the youngest among us can grow in their faith and their commitment to the church. Every time you make a gift to Cathedral of Hope, you are laying the foundation for a strong church for years to come.


outreach 1

In addition to supporting the overall work of the church, your gifts also help us serve our wider community. Your weekly giving helps cover the administrative and overhead costs for our outreach ministries, which include our pantry and feeding programs for those experiencing food insecurity and homelessness, our HIV/AIDS assistance program, and our ad and our advocacy efforts for equality and justice.

Generosity In Action: How Much Should I Give?

Pledge Chart

Tithing is a spiritual practice of giving one-tenth of your resources to the general mission and ministry of the church.

Whatever you decide to give, our hope is that your decision is determined through prayer and a sense of what God is actively doing in your life. This guide is meant to be a helpful tool as you consider your commitment for the year.